Koller Craft, LLC has an experienced management team that will direct the resources necessary for successful program launch. We will manage your program from beginning to end; from conception to launch, into mass production.

Injection Molding

Koller Craft, LLC has a long history of providing quality injection molded parts to many different industries. Our manufacturing team can provide a blend of management oversite and technical capability.

We currently have 22 presses, ranging from 88 to 2200 tons giving us the ability to run small, precision, multicavity parts weighing less than 1 gram, up to large components, which weigh 22 pounds or are eight feet in length. This range of machine size, gives us the capability to make all the components for an assembly and make sure the fit and function are correct before you receive them on your assembly line or in your warehouse. We have experience running many commodity thermoplastic materials such as PE and PP, as well as engineered resins such as PES, PC and PPO. Process control is used to optimize our molding processes, and robotics is used for part handling and assembly.

In the last ten years, Koller Craft, LLC has won performance awards from our customers recognizing our excellence in providing quality parts with on time delivery.

    • Large parts
    • Small, multicavity parts
    • Insert/Molding
    • Robotic Part handling /assembly
    • Video Assisted Assembly, Inspection

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    Technical Processes


    Koller Craft, LLC can go a step further for our customers by providing finished assemblies. In today’s competitive markets, “value added” has become increasingly important. We have the capability to assemble parts manually or by using high speed automatic equipment. In many cases, we can reduce your overall cost by providing part subassemblies or complete assemblies instead of discrete parts that you have to assemble in-house.

    • UL Electrical
    • Label, Protective Film Application
    • Mechanical Fasteners
    • Sonic Welding

    Koller Craft, LLC has offered decorating to molded parts for many years; we have seen an increase as customers are looking for even more cost reduction in their final product. Koller Craft, LLC has a proven track record of providing quality at a higher level with cosmetic features that can give instruction or provide visual appeal.

    • Offset/Pad Printing, multiple colors
    • Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer
    • In-mold Decorating
    • Painting

    Koller Craft, LLC has the experience and knowledge to satisfy your engineering needs, from design and development to managing your mold build, to production engineering. Our team will use the years of hands-on engineering and production know-how to make your project a success at the lowest possible cost. We use Solid Works 3D® and Mold Flow® software as tools to design and analyze your molded part.

    • Design & Development
    • Mold Building
    • Production Engineering
    Gas Assist

    Gas Assist gives injection molders the ability to produce parts that would have been impossible to make before. Gas assist injection molding gives molders the ability to make hollow parts (appliance handles, tool handles) and large, thick ribbed parts (seats, structural parts) that couldn’t be produced using conventional injection molding. Koller-Craft has extensive experience in molding parts using this Gas Assist process. give us the opportunity to design your part around the gas assist process.

    Insert/Over Molding

    Koller Craft, LLC is capable of molding over or insert molding threaded inserts, fasteners to provide a plastic part that will accept conventional threaded fasteners or special components. We have also molded over other plastic parts to provide one finished part with different material properties (softness, color, toughness)


    To make certain your product is the best design for either molding or end use, we can use our state-of-the-art 3D Printer® for rapid prototyping.

    From your 3D CAD data we can supply an actual plastic part or mating parts for you to examine, and check form, fit and function prior to investing in additional tooling. Our 3D printer prototyping process uses durable ABS material to form the prototype part


    If you are looking for a decorative, highly reflective, metallic look for your parts, metalizing could be the process for you. Koller Craft, LLC is recognized as a pioneer in the PVD metalizing field and has both Sputter and Evaporation Metalizing Equipment. By providing both the molded part and the metalization, we eliminate any questions on responsibility for part quality. We know what it takes to mold a part that will properly metalize and we understand the intricacies involved in the metalizing process to produce a brilliant reflective surface. We are capable of applying sprayed or in-chamber top coats to provide a long lasting reflective surface. Koller Craft, LLC has the ability to apply Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Silver coatings in Specular (mirror) and Semi-specular finishes on to a variety of plastic substrates.


    When multiple plastic parts need to be fastened together or provide a water tight seal, Koller Craft, LLC has the experience to help with your assembly design, and suggest the best method to accomplish this. We offer ultrasonic welding, vibration welding and solvent welding as options to select the most appropriate method for your project.