Koller Craft & Agri-Fab Have Created Spreaders & Hoppers
Together for More than Two Decades

2021 marked the 25th consecutive year that we have worked with Agri-Fab, Inc. to produce equipment the agriculture, and lawn and garden industries use every day. We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to team up with Agri-Fab to create parts for its spreaders and hoppers that many people have relied on for years.

As one of the oldest plastic molders in the Midwest, we use injection
molding for various parts for spreaders and hoppers, coming in different sizes and colors—black, orange and green. Throughout the last quarter century, we have used injection molding on poly cart trays, dust covers, sweeper housing and gears, among other industry parts.

To manufacture some of these parts, we utilize High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which provides tensile strength, a large strength-to-density ratio, high-impact resistance and a high melting point. With other parts, we rely on Polypropylene (PP Copolymer). This is more flexible than HDPE and retains its shape after torsion, bending and flexing.

Plastic holds up to the tough environments earmarked for the end products. It can tolerate exposure to chemicals, ultraviolet rays and moisture that causes metals to oxidize and rust. It will flex when needed and will not scratch or dent like metal can.

Plastic can also be a more cost-effective option than metal. The ability to consolidate multiple parts into one piece eliminates the need for secondary options and keeps costs down. Resin, used during plastic molding, also delivers lower material costs than metal.

Another benefit of plastic is the flexibility it allows for in the design and manufacturing process. Metal parts often require welding, grinding, dye work, bending and rework on each individual part in order to achieve the design specifications. With plastic, these secondary steps are often included in the manufacturing tool, which allows for the injection molded part to come out complete. The part can also have color and texture added to it, eliminating the need to paint or decorate the part.

After 25 years, Koller-Craft’s relationship with Agri-Fab remains as strong as the parts we have manufactured together. WE plan to continue collaborating for many years to come.

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