Converting from Metal to Plastic Provides Numerous Benefits for Companies

Metal can be a dependable and well utilized asset in the manufacturing world. It has been used for decades and that will continue with future generations. However, it is not always the best option. 

Over the years, plastic components have been shown to outperform the same parts made of metal. They can be manufactured in smaller and thinner sizes and are typically at least 50% lighter than metal parts used for the same purpose. However, despite being more lightweight, plastic can match metal’s strength. 

Not only can plastic be customized to meet structural or operational needs, but it also offers more aesthetic capabilities than metal. This versatility creates more options for designers. 

Plastics are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and textures meaning they provide more decorative options than metal. Additionally, the aesthetics of plastic parts can be customized in a variety of ways through part geometry, curves, molded color, secondary decorating and in-molding decorating.

A distinct benefit of plastic is that it does not oxidize over time unlike its metal counterpart. Thus, designers no longer need to concern themselves with corrosion and rust prevention.

Making the conversion from metal to plastic also helps companies both financially and logistically. Plastic parts do not require plating, which brings cost savings to companies. Plastic is also often more affordable than metal due to its more stable market price. Since the injection molding process is easy to repeat, it leads to less scrap material than metal often produces. Injection molding can also improve energy efficiency as it requires lower melting temperatures, and fewer machining steps are needed than when producing metal parts.

Using plastic can provide faster manufacturing cycles and higher throughput. The accuracy of injection molding can eliminate time-consuming processes like grinding. Regarding the aesthetic of the part, final colors and finishes can be added to the molding process, eliminating the need for separate lasering, painting or other decorative options. This can also save the company valuable time and man hours.

Plastic offers the dependability, price point and aesthetics that nearly any project can benefit from. To learn how Koller Craft’s injection molding processes can help you, call 636-343-9220.

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