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Koller-Craft has a long history of providing quality injection molded parts to many different industries. Our manufacturing team can provide a blend of management oversite and technical capability.

We currently have 24 presses, ranging from 88 to 2750 tons giving us the ability to run small, precision, multicavity parts weighing less than 1 gram, up to large components, which weigh 22 pounds or are eight feet in length. This range of machine size, gives us the capability to make all the components for an assembly and make sure the fit and function are correct before you receive them on your assembly line or in your warehouse. We have experience running many commodity thermoplastic materials such as PE and PP, as well as engineered resins such as PES, PC and PPO. Process control is used to optimize our molding processes, and robotics is used for part handling and assembly.warehouse

In the last ten years, Koller-Craft has won performance awards from our customers recognizing our excellence in providing quality parts with on time delivery.

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