Koller Enterprises Incorporated (KEI) includes:

- Churchill Container

- Koller Craft, LLC

- Koller Craft South

- Koller Products

- SLP Lighting

Koller Craft, LLC Old Koller-Craft Factory

Koller Craft, LLC, a Koller Enterprises Company, a family owned and operated full service provider of injection molded plastic components. Since 1941, we have focused on providing our customers with the highest levels of service and quality. Manufacturing the product to the proper specification is merely the beginning. On time shipping, friendly customer service, quick problem resolution, and a commitment from our entire team to your success, are what you will experience when dealing with us. We invite you to review our entire website, and learn why Koller Craft, LLC is the choice for your future success

Current Koller-Craft FactoryFor over seventy years the Koller team has focused on delivering quality and service. The 'Craft' portion of our name was selectedby our founder, AJ Koller, to represent the pride and craftsmanship we feel for our work. Founded in 1941, Koller Craft, LLC is one of the oldest plastic molders in the Midwest. We successfully transitioned from thermoset molding tothermoplastics in the 60's and 70's and today, ship parts around the world as a member of Koller Enterprises. We know it is not enough to do our best – we must do what is necessary to succeed. We believe our commitment to quality is the most important reason to choose Koller Craft, LLC as your supplier of quality injection molded parts.

"We mold quality and customer satisfaction into every part."